Penrite Honda’s return to competition was challenging as they faced altitude for the first time.  Luke Clout was disappointed in his performance but has accepted he is still learning.

“I can’t say I have ever experienced that before.  I could not breathe properly.  I mean I could not breathe normally.  We don’t race in altitude like that in Australia anywhere. I am going to try and recover as quickly as I can so I am better prepared for the weekends race.  I am not happy with 12th on the day and I know I can be further up front” said Clout.

Mitchell’s return to racing post injury was nerve wrecking and he admits he rode to conservatively.

“I rode in my comfort zone, I wanted to get through the days racing without any further setbacks, 10th is ok but its not acceptable when I know we should be further ahead.  I know we have the bikes to be up the front and I am going to push harder on the weekend” Said Oldenburg.

One positive from the weekend was the teams overall position in the championship.  Luke Clout has moved to 7th against the best riders in the world in his rookie season and Mitchell Oldenburg has closed to the gap to 9th.  

The team is still focused on chasing podium finishes and knows they have the equipment to achieve it.

“Our bikes are amazing; I have raced on the best teams in America and I know we certainly aren’t disadvantaged.  It’s a stacked field and we are racing the best riders in the world.  We need to focus on being better from the first moment we hit the track.  We have tested following the race and I feel we will be better prepared for this weekends race” said Oldenburg. 

The race will be telecasted in Australia on Monday morning. For more information got to

Photos by Michael Antonovich


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