The AMA Supercross Championship ended today and Australia’s Penrite Honda Racing proved their competitiveness against the best teams in the West and East coast of America. Team Owner Yarrive Konsky is positive the experience was well worth the effort and is grateful for the opportunity and is proud of everyone’s results.  

“We were the highest placed privateer team in the West Coast Championship and we were the highest place privateer team in the West vs East shootout. We beat and challenged some factory teams and riders throughout the year and most importantly we have learnt a lot and we are grateful for the chance to compete.  I also want to congratulate all of the champions.  It was an amazing championship. Feld and the entire industry made us feel welcome” said Konsky.

Mitchell Oldenburg and Luke Clout finished 8th and 9th respectively in the West Coast Championship.  Mitchell finished the Championship with a 10th place finish in the West vs East Shootout.   

“The season has been hard fought, tearing my knee early in the season certainly set me back.  To finish 8th overall with a 10th in the final race against the fastest 40 riders is okay, but I know I should be further up.  The bike, team and effort were worthy of a better result. Riding injured all season affected my results,” said Oldenburg

Australia’s Luke Clout suffered a crash in qualifying today which side lined him for the main event.  The 2019 450cc runner-up Australian Champion was clearly disappointed with today’s results, whilst it was not the way he wanted to finish the season, he is being positive about this years’ experience.    

“We were going to do a few rounds to prepare for next year and we ended up racing the entire Championship, which was an amazing experience. To claim 9th overall in my first year was okay.  My best result was a 5th, which was also okay.  I would have liked to finish higher; I would have liked to achieve a podium but what I have learnt  this year is priceless.  It was my first full season in America, and I am racing the best guys in the world and I have gained invaluable experience.  I will be better prepared for next year,” said Clout. 

The team’s season isn’t finished, in fact Team Owner Yarrive Konsky believes the season will prove logistically challenging as they face racing through to December.  

“Due to COVID the Australian Championships hasn’t started and I believe we will be racing through to December.  I am thankful for the American Supercross Championship.  All our partners in Australia benefited from the international live broadcasting and media attention we received,” said Konsky.

The team could not have achieved this creditable feat without the support of their amazing partners.  Special thanks go to Australia’s Penrite Oil, Honda Australia and particularly American Honda. 

“Everyone’s support made this possible but notably, without Penrite Oil we would have struggled to make it work.  Penrite Oil continues to support Australian’s no matter where they are and they should be commended for their generosity to motorsport here in Australia and abroad.” concluded Konsky. 

Photos: Michael Antonovich


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