Factory Honda caps off its 2024 motocross lineup with the addition of Alex Larwood, securing a spot on their championship-winning MX2 team.

At the age of 16, he already claimed numerous state and national junior championships, showcasing his immense potential. Despite facing setbacks in the following years, the 18-year-old has now found a home with Honda, a team that clinched back-to-back 250 championships, and eagerly anticipates the upcoming season.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to ride for Honda. I understand what they can do, and securing this ride lifts my confidence. They wouldn’t have chosen me if they didn’t believe in my potential,” expressed Larwood

Larwood has consistently showcased his prowess in the MX2 class, clinching state wins, race victories, standing on the podium, and demonstrating his skills against seasoned veterans and championship winners. His goal for 2024 is to contend for the championship.

“The past three years have been a disaster for me, injury after injury. The team and I have a plan, and I need to be there, standing on the top step at the end of the season. So, we will race smart, patiently, and be there in the end,” concluded Larwood.

Factory Honda’s Team Manager Mark Sladek is well aware of Alex’s capabilities, and the team is committed to helping him reach his full potential.

“When Kyle won the championship in 2021 for us, Alex was his main competition. Since then, we have kept a keen eye on him. We know what he can do; we just need to be patient. He is only 18, and we hope this is the beginning of a long relationship,” said Sladek


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