Australia’s premier female speedster, Charli Cannon, is set to attack the tracks in 2024  with Honda. Since 2017, Charli has proudly displayed the number one plate, initially as a junior motocross sensation and, more recently, as a standout senior female racer.

Her prowess extends beyond the national scene, as Charli showcased her skills in selected rounds of the World Women’s Motocross Championship this year. With impressive finishes, including a remarkable 4th place, Charli is poised to become a formidable force on the international stage.

“This is such an exciting new opportunity for me,” said Cannon

In recent years, women in motorsport have achieved notable milestones, shattering stereotypes and overcoming barriers in an industry historically dominated by men. Honda recognises the substantial value of fostering diversity and inclusion in motorcycle racing, actively encouraging women to engage not only as riders but also in various essential roles such as engineers, mechanics, managers, executives, and directors. Committed to supporting, promoting, and encouraging women’s participation at all levels of junior and senior competition, Honda aims to contribute to the advancement and success of women in the dynamic world of motorsport.

“We’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in women’s involvement in racing and recreational riding. Honda actively promotes and encourages women to engage at every level, be it junior or senior. We’re thrilled to welcome Charli Cannon, Australia’s leading female racer, to our Honda family,” expressed Tony Hinton, Honda Australia, General Manager – Powersports and Products.

Charli Cannon, Australia’s promising contender for a future World Championship, is enthusiastic about working closely with the championship-winning Honda team. She looks forward to further building on the success she has already attained.

“Honda’s strong support for women in motorsport, coupled with their dedication to being at the forefront of racing, is impressive. I’m grateful for this opportunity and eagerly anticipate building on the success I’ve achieved thus far,” expressed Cannon.

Charli has commenced testing as she prepares for her upcoming campaign to represent both Honda and Australia in the Oceania Championship in New Zealand next month. She takes great pride in representing her country and acknowledges the meticulous efforts Honda is putting forth to ensure readiness.

“I am really grateful to everyone involved. Just as they wrapped up the supercross championship, they are diving headfirst into testing and gearing up for a big race in January in New Zealand, where I’ll proudly represent Australia. I value the efforts of everyone at Honda and their commitment to racing,” concluded Cannon


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