On January 14th, two Sunday’s ago, Charli was discharged from the hospital following surgery on her leg, a result of a severe cut to her thigh. With uncertainties about her readiness for the Oceanic Championship she felt disappointed, fearing she might let everyone down. However, two weeks after the surgery, she bravely joined Team Australia, and her unwavering grit and determination played a crucial role in leading Australia to a victorious outcome.

“I was nervous about racing – but I wanted to race for Australia, and if I could race, I was going to give it my all. The injury was scary; the foot peg tore through my thigh, and I needed surgery,” remarked Cannon

Cannon not only participated in the race but emerged victorious in the NZ GP, winning the overall, and leading Team Australia to triumph with a remarkable 1-1-2 finish across the three races.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. Winning the overall and helping Australia’s victory in the Oceanic Championship is an experience I’ll never forget. Every member of the team did an amazing job to help Australia secure the win,” concluded Cannon.

This event marked Cannon’s first race for Factory Honda and along with Maddie Brown and Emma Milesevic Honda was represented by three of the 6 Australian Team members.

Tony Hinton, Honda Australia’s General Manager of Powersports and Products, was congratulative towards the women racers who represented both Australia and Honda.

“It was a terrific result for Team Australia and Honda and a great result for Women in Motorsport”

Images by – Cameron Duncan


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