Kirk Gibbs claims second in the King of Capricorn!

Full grids and a captive crowd turned up for the King of Capricorn in Rockhampton, Queensland. Terrafirma’s Factory Honda’s Kirk Gibbs felt competitive all day but fell short of the overall on his way to finishing 2nd.

“My Terrafirma Honda worked well all weekend and I felt competitive. My biggest setback were my starts. The format included 9 races, 5 of which were 3 lap sprint races. I got one out of nine holeshots. I definitely made life hard for myself all day and I know what I need to practice on,” said Gibbs

Kirk proved competitive, achieving the fastest lap in 4 of the 9 races.

“I really felt strong, and I could have made some aggressive passes, but I could have taken myself down as well. As much as I wanted to win the overall, I am glad I won the final race comfortably and I am in one piece to fight for the Queensland titles this coming weekend in MacKay,” said Gibbs.

Kirk Gibbs and Brett Metcalfe will race their respective state titles this coming weekend.

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