Factory Honda’s Kirk Gibbs returns to racing in Queensland’s biggest open race of the year – The King of Capricorn. The Terrafirma Equipment Sales backed MX1 rider is ready to take on his arch-rivals.

“Its going to be a massive event, Todd Waters is racing along with many other top ten national riders. Not only is there a decent amount of prize money on the line there is also a great deal of pride at stake,” said Gibbs.

The 2015 Australian MX 1 Champion has proven to be a class leader this year aboard his Honda CRF450R, winning races in the Australian Pro MX Championship, a championship he hopes will resume later this year.

“It’s my first year with Honda and I am loving it. The bike and the team are great. I feel at home on the Honda and each time I ride the bike I feel a better connection. Dan from MXRP has been a real asset to the team and my SHOWA suspension is amazing. I really hope the Australian Championship resumes later this year as I believe we are only getting stronger”, continued Gibbs.

Gibbs has also teamed up with Honda’s 2012 Australian MX2 champion Ford Dale thanks to Darren Assink, director of Terrafirma’s Equipment Sales and Honda Racing’s Yarrive Konsky.

“Yarrive and Darren came together to help bring Ford into our program and it’s made a massive difference. We started working together right before Canberra and ever sense then the results have steadily improved” concluded Gibbs,

For more information go to – https://www.facebook.com/King-of-Capricorn-112575823901478


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