Australia’s Factory Honda team have chosen to use HONDA GENUINE OILS in their 2022 championship pursuit, the 12-time championship winning team believe Honda make the best oils for their motorcycles and will provide them with the protection and performance they require to win races. Race team director Yarrive Konsky believes this is the best solution for Honda Racing.

“Honda in partnership with Idemitsu develop oils to perform at the highest level in Honda Motorcycles, their research and development program keeps them at the front of their competition, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them” said Konsky.

Three-time Australian champion Dean Ferris is equally pleased the team is using Genuine Oils.

“Winning championships requires consistent results and reliability is paramount. Before signing I asked the team what products they are using, you can’t put a price on reliability. I have all of the confidence in Honda and their Genuine Oils that have been development in conjunction with Idemitsu,” said Ferris.

Honda Australia are pleased the Factory Team have chosen to use Honda Genuine Oils. Nothing can do more to assure optimum performance of your Honda than by using the range of Genuine Oils that have been specifically designed for your Honda. General Manager of Customer Service Sam Schepis acknowledges the significance of this partnership.

“There is no reason for Honda customers to risk performance, this includes our Factory Team. We want to protect our racing investments and we are confident Honda Genuine Oils perform at the highest level. This is a significant step for Honda as the team choose to use Honda Genuine Oils following extensive testing to meet Honda’s high quality standards,” said Schepis.

Some of the team riders will be competing this weekend in the two day event in Wonthaggi as preparation for the 2022 Aus Pro MX Championship that commences in March.


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