Australia’s FACTORY HONDA will be powered by HGS in 2022 under an all-new partnership that will see the championship winning team racing with the championship winning exhaust manufacture.

HGS was formed in 1988, founder Henri Gorthuis gained valuable experience and insight working in the world motocross championship.

“I worked with John van der Berk in the early 80’s before moving to White Power. I was always working with motorcycles. My father had built exhausts for BSA in the 60’s and 70’s and it was something that interested me. Now my son is involved with the company and together we work on growing HGS throughout the world,” said Henri Gorthuis.

Performance is at the heart of HGS and this is why Team Director Yarrive Konsky choose HGS.

“We tested their range of exhaust systems before making the decision. We don’t comprise performance. We had our Engine builder in America testing with HGS and we also tested in Australia. It was unanimous. Their products perform,” said Konsky.

William Gorthuis is proud of this new alignment and looks forward to a successful partnership

“It’s been a month and we are already experiencing growth. Riders in America have reached out and sales in Australia have increased. What’s most important is we work to deliver an exhaust that outperforms our competitors and the oem’s. My family prides itself on the build and performance quality of our products. Racing and performing is at the heart of our business,” said William Gorthuis.

Australian Champion Kyle Webster has already experienced success with HGS, he was also involved in the initial testing.

“Its always very cool to be involved in testing new product. I started testing the product on the all new CRF250R. HGS did their homework, the overall power was improved, and it improved top end and low end power. On the 450 it was surprisingly good. The standard 450 is fast, you don’t need a lot more power, but the HGS compliments the motor. The connection is great, there is a little more everywhere and it revs out longer, but its smooth. I was pumped with the holeshots we achieved on my way to our maiden win at the AMX MX OPEN last year” said Webster.

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