Honda’s privateer race program RIDE RED continues to produce outstanding results in all classes of competition in the Australian Motocross Championship.

Ty Kean achieved his personal best result with a 2nd place in moto 2 and a 4thoverall. The likeable Victorian is finally showing his potential and is looking forward to the second half of the season.

“I am so happy to claim a second, my parents and all our sponsors do so much and its great to finally reward them.  We have been working so hard on this and I am grateful for everything everyone has been doing to give me this opportunity,” said Kean.

Ty now sits in 7th place outright and has his sights set on a top 5 overall.

In the MX2 class it was Liam Andrews who proved once again he can race with the factory riders.  In moto 1 he finished 4th and in moto 2 he finished 8thto claim 5th overall. Liam feels he is learning each week and believes he can race for a podium before the season ends in August.

“Just racing and battling with these guys makes me better.  The intensity is high up the front, and I need to get comfortable with racing that fast for the entire race.  I believe that will come with time and I know what I need to work on,” said Andrews.

Chandler Burns continues his tenacious charge to the top 10 in the MX2 class.  Whilst he hasn’t quite made it yet, he knows he has the speed to achieve it.

“14th overall on the day wasn’t great but silly mistakes keep holding me back.  I am going to regroup and prepare with a positive mindset for Maitland in a few weeks” said Burns.

Joben Baldwin claimed another top 10 finish in the MX1 class and sits 10thoverall in the championship, he still aims to claim a top 5 overall and is working hard on achieving that goal.

“I want to be a top 5 rider, I need to find a little bit everywhere which makes it hard, but I will continue to work on achieving my goals”, said Baldwin.

In the MXW class it was Maddie Brown who shined brightest finishing 3rdoverall on the day. Maddie sits 3rd in the championship and will continue her training in preparation for the final women’s round in August.

“It was a tough weekend racing with a broken foot, but I am happy with the result.  I will take a couple of weeks to recover before starting my training for the final round in Coolum in August.

Honda Racing Australia’s Director Yarrive Konsky is pleased with everyone’s results and notes that some of these finishes have exceeded Honda’s expectations.

“Honda is genuinely happy with the results of their RIDE RED riders.  Liam Andrews has been outstanding, and we are very happy to see him race head-to-head with some of the factory riders.  Joben is a true underdog and is giving it his all and Maddie Brown is a warrior.  Whilst we are happy with the results, we are achieving with our RIDE RED program its important to mention the creditable results other Honda privateers are achieving.  Joel Evan and Levi McManus were both inside the top 10 in the MX1 class on Honda’s and Maddy Healy rode to a fantastic 4th in the Women’s Class.  Its great to see some many riders doing well on Honda’s in Australia and around the world”, said Konsky


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