After 1,358 days Dean Ferris has returned to the top step of the podium by clean sweeping all three motos in the heavily contested MX1 (PRO 450) class, he also moved up three positions in the championship, now sitting in 3rd place and only 11 points off 1st place.

“Its nice to get the monkey of my back that’s for sure.  Things are finally starting to click, this weekend mark’s four moto wins in row for me, if you include MacKay, and as a team we are really coming together as one and the results are showing this”, said Ferris.

Team director Yarrive Konsky was genuinely happy for Dean, his family, the team and their respective sponsors.

“This was a fantastic result for the three-time champion Dean Ferris.  To make the choice to return from retirement, after he broke his back, to racing would have certainly been hard.  Doubt, sacrifices, and the workload required to overcome such setbacks is straining and stressful.  But his champion mindset prevailed, and I was really happy for him and for Honda and our sponsors”, said Konsky.

Wilson Todd (MX2 – PRO 250) extended his lead in the championship to 25 points following a 4th and a 1st place in moto 1 and 2 respectively.  His crash in moto 1 dashed his hopes of a perfect season but his race through the field is what ultimately puts a rider in a position to win a championship. Obviously disappointed with his crash, he still remained positive and upbeat about his overall performance.

“I am bummed with my crash, we qualified 1st and I was leading the first moto when I crashed on my own, so I was disappointed.  The second moto was better, the track was hard and technical, I was constantly searching for grip on the drying track, and it was difficult to break away from the pack, but taking the win in moto 2 and extending my points lead felt really good”, said Todd.

Factory Honda’s development MX3 rider, Cambell Williams rode with heart and determination, finishing 2nd and 1st in moto’s 1 and 2 respectively.  Cambell’s tenacious ride in moto 2 helped him increase his championship points lead to 21.

“I still have a lot to work on my race craft particularly with lapped riders, I lost a lot of time to them when I was trying to pass them.  Also reading the changing the track conditions is something I need to work on. Overall, it was a good result, and I am pumped to extend my points lead”, said Williams.

The team will continue to test and compete in State races between rounds, Ferris explains,

“Racing State races for myself and our team riders keeps us sharp and helps us improve the bikes and ourselves.  I have a race in Maitland, which I will use to improve the bike and learn the track, it’s all about repetition and improvement”, concluded Ferris.

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