Celebrate Webster’s win this weekend and ride the 2022 CRF MX Range on the all-new Honda motocross track in Somerton, Victoria.

Kyle Webster’s first Australian Senior Championship took twenty-two years of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment.

“We moved to England from South Africa when I was 6 and we continued racing there before we moved to Australia when I was 10. It’s been an amazing journey with lots of ups and down’s,” said Webster.

Webster has endured his fair share of setbacks with stolen bikes, broken bones, a broken back, and several concussions but the likeable South African who calls Australia home believes that’s all apart of racing.

“No one wants setbacks or to get hurt but it happens. The hardships we endure as racers makes us stronger and more determined. Winning a championship takes consistency and a relentless commitment. My setbacks have made me who I am today,” said Webster.

The 2021 championship was anything but normal and Kyle doesn’t take it for granted.

“This year was anything but normal, but we were fully prepared to take on the championship. We won 5 out of 6 races and the boys in the team don’t have a problem reminding me that I lost a race. Its good, it keeps you grounded and reminds you that anything can happen on the track, but the truth is we threw everything at this year. I am training smarter and harder than ever before, and I am a better rider because of it. The 250 championship was rewarding for the effort the team, my family and I have put in but I am looking forward to racing the 450”

Kyle’s first big hit out on the 450 will be on the 11-12 of December in Wonthaggi at the AMX MX OPEN.

“Racing against the best 450 riders in Australia makes me excitingly nervous. It will be good to see where I am, against those guys”

Before he races his first big race on the 450, he will be attending Honda’s MX DEMO DAY this weekend on the 28th of November.

“Everyone should come out this weekend to Honda’s new motocross facility. It’s the track you see in the video. We will have the entire motocross range there for people to try. I will be there along with my team, and you can take a walk through the transporter and feel free to ask me any questions about the bikes or riding” concluded Webster.

Bookings to this weekend’s MX Demo Day are essential. You can book two 15-minute spots on the 2022 CRF Motocross Range, there are no costs and food, and drinks are provided. Call 9270 1377

Video of Kyle talking about the championship and riding the all new Honda MX track in Somerton, Victoria


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