With Faith coming into the second round as the series leader, his second consecutive heat race win sent out a clear message- he was the guy to beat. Faith went into the main feeling confident and looked set for another solid performance, before crashing whilst in the lead on the challenging Toowoomba track. In his haste to re-join the melee, Faith made a critical error which saw the Iowa rider credited with a DNF. The result relegates Faith back to sixth place in the championship.

The Toowoomba round was also a night to forget for Josh Cachia. The event got off to a bad start for Cachia when he was taken out in the first heat. Always a tough competitor, Cachia lined up for the LCQ a little worse for wear, but ready to get the job done. However, a heavy crash in the last chance qualifier ended his chances of making the night program, which was disappointing for both himself and the Toowoomba fans.


Gavin Faith – DNF
Josh Cachia – DNF


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