The Penrite Honda Team achieved terrific results at Round 1 of the Australian Supercross Championship held in Jimboomba, 50 kilometres south of Brisbane in Queensland on Saturday night(23/09/17). A strong crowd was treated to some intense racing.

Riders Justin Brayton, Jesse Dobson and Gavin Faith all performed well with Brayton taking the win in the 450 (SX1) final, Dobson finished 12th after two falls and Faith claimed 2nd in the 250 (SX2) class.


SX1 (450)
Justin Brayton – 1st
Jesse Dobson – 10th

SX2 (250)
Gavin Faith – 2nd

Heat Races
Justin Brayton – 1st
Jesse Dobson

Gavin Faith – 1st

Justin Brayton – 1st
Jesse Dobson – 12th

Gavin Faith – 2nd


Justin Brayton – “My Honda 450 was amazing, everything was working well and I felt settled all day.  The team worked well together which is a credit to our Team Manager Jay Foreman as the team is made up of people from all over Australia and the world.”

Jesse Dobson – “I felt my day was going well.  I am disappointed I made so many mistakes in the final as I genuinely thought I was riding well.  I have taken a lot away from this weekend and will work hard going into round 2 on minimising my mistakes over 20 laps.”

Gavin Faith – “The final was going well; I got the holeshot and felt comfortable.  I pushed hard in the opening laps and exhausted myself.  It’s been 5 months since I last raced and I didn’t compose myself and it most certainly affected my overall result.  That said, I am happy to walk away with a second place and take the weekends lessons into round 2.”

Jay Foreman (Team Manager) – “Justin was brilliant all day.  Jesse was riding well and Gavin put in a solid performance.  We have many areas we can improve on and we have three weeks to work on them.  I am thankful for the efforts each team member made; it makes my job so much easier. It’s going to be a busy three weeks.”

Overall Results 

SX1 – Final
1 Justin BRAYTON – Best Lap 49.035 (Fastest Lap)
2 Dean FERRIS – Best Lap 49.741
3 Daniel REARDON – Best Lap 49.738
4 Luke CLOUT – Best Lap 49.602
5 Todd WATERS – Best Lap 50.647
6 Nathan CRAWFORD – Best Lap 51.002
7 Dylan LONG – Best Lap 50.464
8 Cheyne BOYD – Best Lap 50.588
9 Joel WIGHTMAN – Best Lap 51.014
10 Kade MOSIG – Best Lap 50.798
11 Daniel HERRLEIN – Best Lap 51.711
12 Jesse DOBSON – Best Lap 51.098

SX2 – Final
1 Hayden MELLROSS – Best Lap 49.919 (Fastest Lap)
2 Gavin FAITH – Best Lap 50.069
3 Mitchell EVANS – Best Lap 50.551
4 Jay WILSON – Best Lap 50.627
5 Wilson TODD – Best Lap 50.400
6 Jackson RICHARDSON – Best Lap 50.533
7 Dylan WILLS – Best Lap 50.842
8 Aaron TANTI – Best Lap 51.175
9 Geran STAPLETON – Best Lap 51.540
10 Callum NORTON – Best Lap 51.924
11 Kyle WEBSTER – Best Lap 51.315
12 Cooper POZNIAK – Best Lap 51.951



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