Following a successful debut last weekend, Australia’s leading MX1 rider, Kyle Webster, has stayed in America to compete in the iconic 4th of July weekend AMA National at Redbud. Many industry leaders praised his first race in the US as a success, but Kyle believes he can do even better with time.

“Last weekend felt like being hit by a tornado. Everything happened so fast. I landed the week of the event, had never seen the track, and it was brutal. The guys up front race like their lives depend on it—seriously, it’s like a 100-meter sprint that lasts 35 minutes,” Webster shared.

Kyle had to adjust quickly to different time zones, an unfamiliar bike, and a track he had never ridden on before. He acknowledges the steep learning curve.

“I’ve learned so much, and while I can’t make all the changes I need to improve significantly by this weekend, I am more aware of how they ride, how the event runs, and the speed I need. My MobileX Firepower Honda was great, but it was a little different from my bike at home, so I needed to get used to it. I feel more settled going into this weekend,” said Webster.

Joining Webster is Firepower Honda’s Dean Wilson, who has been racing globally following his participation in the opening rounds of the AMA Motocross Championship. He welcomes MobileX’s inclusion and looks forward to racing this weekend at Redbud.

“Redbud is always a great race, the fans are next level, and the vibe is amazing. I’m really enjoying this season, picking and choosing different races around the world and back home in America. It’s also cool to see a new sponsor on board with the team. I saw the MobileX logo all over the TV during the X-Games. I need them to hook me up; I need a new wireless provider,” said Wilson.

Wilson’s goals differ from Webster’s. He is focused on collecting valuable points towards the SMX playoffs while connecting with fans and showing his appreciation for their support.

“The fans have been amazing all year. I love connecting with them and hanging out with my Firepower Honda team. I don’t know about these 35-minute races in the heat, but I’m loving my program and looking forward to hanging out with everyone at the track for the 4th of July weekend,” concluded Wilson.

The team also brought along Australian amateur sensation Jake Cannon, who will race a MobileX Firepower Honda in the “Combine,” one of America’s most credible amateur championships. Cannon has been gradually building back to full strength following serious injuries that required multiple surgeries. Jake and the team are tempering expectations as there are no benchmarks to measure against; they will race to their fullest and reassess after the weekend.

“I don’t know what to expect. It’s my first time in America, on this track, and on this bike. I just want to race to my potential and build from there. I’m not 100%, still recovering from a bad crash and multiple surgeries late last year,” said Cannon.

Peter Adderton, Founder and CEO of MobileX, is thrilled to be involved and proud of Kyle’s efforts last week.

“Adrenaline fuels a brand as much as it does these incredible athletes, We have a history of supporting young athletes who are giving it there all to compete on the track and it’s no different to the team at MobileX giving it there all to be the best provider out there,” stated Adderton.

Team Principal Martin Davalos is optimistic about the weekend and the team’s performance.

“Kyle did an amazing job last week and should be inside the top 10 again this weekend, which is exceptional considering there are 12 or more full-time factory riders and several highly paid satellite riders. Dean’s return is always well-received, and he has been putting in the work. He should be racing inside the top 15, and young Jake will surprise some people. His only downfall is he has flown in this week, had no time on his race bike, and doesn’t know the track, but I know he is fast,” said Davalos.

Honda Racing Australia’s director Yarrive Konsky is excited for Kyle and Jake and looks forward to catching up with Dean and everyone at American Honda.

“Kyle and Jake are living their dreams and deserve to be rewarded for their performances back home. Jake has so much potential, but it’s difficult to expect him to be at his best when his preparation is rushed, just like Kyle faced last week. I know both riders will do Australia proud. Also, a massive thanks to American Honda for their support with this trip, MobileX, and everyone at Firepower Honda,” said Konsky

Images of Kyle #762 – Michael Antonovich
Image number #15 – Dean Wilson “4th of July”
Image number #359’s – Jake Cannon


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