Reigning Australian Supercross Champion Jimmy Decotis will sit out the remaining 4 rounds of the Australian Supercross Championship following a serious concussion sustained in round 2 of the championship at Toowoomba.

Decotis hit the ground hard whilst challenging for the lead in his heat race.  The team and Jimmy discussed his options and decided it would be best that he took as much time as required to recover –

“The team have been fantastic.  I couldn’t remember anything following the crash and I have been getting headaches.  Head injuries can ruin careers and we decided that I should take as much time out as I need to recover and I need to thank the team for being so patient and understanding” – said Decotis.

Team Owner Yarrive Konsky looked at all options and decided it was best for Jimmy to go home and recover in an effort to be fully fit for the up and coming AMA Supercross Championship

“Jimmy crashed very hard; we have all seen the footage.  We all know a bone takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal, however we can’t determine how soon a rider should return from a serious head injury.   I spoke with Racesafe and they suggested a minimum 10 to 14 days off the bike was required.  Jimmy was more conservative, suggesting he would like to take between 14 and 21 days.  I need to respect that Jimmy knows himself better than anyone” – said Konsky.

Following a group discussion Jimmy and the team decided that it would be best for him to take as much time as he needed and that his priority was to regain full health in preparation for America.  Jimmy appreciated everything the team has done as well as their understanding –

“I am really disappointed. I came here to win another championship and I never imagined this was how I would be going home.   I was honest with the team and told them I wouldn’t be 100% until the final round and that they should look at putting someone else on. I need to consider my health and the safety of others first.  I can’t thank the team and the sponsors enough and I am sorry this is how it’s ended up. I wish them and Luke Clout the best for the remainder of the series”.

Luke Clout will replace Jimmy Decotis for the remaining four rounds. The 2014 Australian Motocross Champion and 2015 Runner up Champion spent 2016 competing in America. Luke is looking forward to his return and excited to be racing again –

“I am sorry to see Jimmy get hurt and I hope he recovers quickly.  I want to thank the team for giving me this opportunity.  I am so happy to be racing again and I look forward to lining up in Adelaide next week for round 3 of the Penrite Australian Supercross Championship”

Team Manager Steve Powell believes Luke Clout was the perfect fit – “Luke is an Australian champion, has had US experience.  He also had no contractual ties with any competing motorcycle brand and or industry related brands.  He was eager to get back to racing and he had proven to be a great and fierce competitor”.


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