Victor Foorwear is an Australian owned, run and manufactured Boot Company who have been making boots for Australian workers since 1930.

Penrite Honda Racing are pleased to partner with one of Victors well-known brands, Mongrel, for the racing seasons in 2018.

Victor Footwear prides themselves on build quality and wearability.

“We have been manufacturing boots for 88 years in Sydney, Australia and we are proud to align with Australian race teams who appreciate our build quality and wearability. The Penrite Honda team worked with us last year and following their championship success, they requested our continued support for 2018. We are proud to have them wear our work boots.” Said Phillip Cloros of Victor Footwear.

Penrite Honda’s Brett Metcalfe was very keen to have Mongrel on board this year; “As racers we are on our feet most of the weekend, track walking, signing sessions and sponsor engagements. I told Yarrive we needed a good shoe partner and my dad told me about the comfort and wearability of Mongrel as he wears them. He is a builder,” said Metcalfe

The Penrite Honda team believes safety is paramount for the entire team.

“The race track is a job site, the techs are working with tools and equipment and it’s our responsibility to give them appropriate footwear and I was mindful they are on their feet all day. I first wore their boots in 2015 and I can contest to their comfort and wearability. I can be found wearing their Wheat ZipSider boot most days for all conditions and it’s really great to have Mongrel on board with us for the season!” said Yarrive Konsky.
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