Honda Racing Australia has built a new B-Double truck dubbed the ‘Honda Transporter,’ which hits the road today on its maiden voyage up to Brisbane for Round 1 of the Australian Supercross Championship. 

Powered by an IVECO Powerstar, Honda Racing team director Yarrive Konsky is looking forward to engaging with new and existing customers, partners and dealers with the truck to play a big part in future activations.

“We have several responsibilities; we need to provide a place for our riders to prepare and we need to provide an area for our staff to do their duties. We also need to provide our sponsors an area to display their products, network with dealers and customers. The new Honda Transporter will allow us to do that. We are excited to get on the road and engage with our fans on a new level.”

Honda Australia has enjoyed a great relationship with IVECO; they are the truck partner of choice for all of the off-road programs, including Daryl Beattie Adventures.  

“All of our trucks are powered by IVECO. We use a Powerstar and have recently taken ownership of two IVECO Daily Vans for racing activities too.  We choose IVECO because they provide a premium product we can rely on. Daryl Beattie takes his truck and Honda CRF’s out to some of the harshest place in Australia so we know they stand up!” Konsky concluded.

General Manager of Motorcycles for Honda Australia, Mr Tony Hinton wants to take Honda to new and existing customers and is pleased to see the Honda Transporter make its debut. 

“We have many initiatives in the works which incorporate the new transporter, which we hope to deploy in the very near future. It will allow us to do a multitude of activations and activities so keep an eye out for it and be sure to come over and say hello if you spot it out and about,” said Hinton.

The Penrite Honda racing team and the new Honda Transporter will be at the Brisbane Supercross this weekend. The team will be at the pit party with autographed posters so head on down and while you are at it, check out the team CRF’s and the new truck!

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