Penrite Honda’s Brett Metcalfe continued his winning streak this past weekend on home soil.

“It’s nice to race and make it back to your own bed each night.  Murray Bridge in less than 20 minutes from home and the kids and I enjoyed another race weekend together.

Metcalfe raced two classes on Sunday whilst his kids Mav and Nash raced Saturday.

“It’s a big weekend for our family, my kids have started racing and I will admit that I am loving it.  Their facial expressions are priceless and the love riding and racing and being around other kids and families. My mum and dad also come to the races to watch their grand children and I.  This sport is amazing, it brings people together”.

With one round remaining Metcalfe hopes to maintain his winning streak.

“The classes have been full, and we have some amazing local talent.  Its good to be racing these younger guys but I have no desire to let up.  I am hoping to maintain my winning streak”.

The final round of the championship will be at Gilman in three weeks a race track that Metcalfe enjoys.

“I have always enjoyed racing at Gilman, the sand, the layout its always been fun.  My boss Yarrive is also found of that track, he talks about it a lot. I hope we are racing nationals soon.  We bench race a lot in the rig”.

Metcalfe agrees with Craig Dack that the nationals need to run if they can.

“I know the coronavirus has created uncertainty, but I am certain we need to race the nationals if we can this year.  Everyone from privateers to teams have invested in their bikes, training, and gear.  We all have varying levels of sponsors and we need to represent them.  If the nationals can run, we need to be flexible and support them” Metcalfe concluded.


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