Boost Mobile is proud to be aligned with Honda for 2023. Boost Mobile have supported Australian Motorsport for over 20 years and look forward to supporting the team throughout the season including the World Supercross event in Melbourne.

The Boost Mobile Honda Racing MX1 team is made up of two riders Kyle Webster and Jed Beaton. Honda’s other amazing mix of talented male and female professional factory riders MX2 riders Wilson Todd and Brodie Connolly and MXW riders Emma Milesevic and Tahlia O’hare are also being welcomed to the Boost family.   Motocross and Supercross in Australia is experiencing exciting times, the sport is seeing strong growth on the back of improved TV network & Streaming deals which continues to provide increased viewership.

For riders across the country Boost uses the full coverage of the Telstra mobile network so we have a very relevant product given where people go to ride in general, so if you want your phone to work in more places then Boost Mobile is a great option.

Honda is the number one selling motorcycle throughout the world and Australia, and they cater for riders of all ages. Their racing efforts have been very successful, and we are proud to align with their Factory Motocross and Supercross team,” said Jason Haynes (Boost Mobile).

Motocross and Supercross continues to grow, live TV for both championships ensure the sport will reach more fans more frequently and that helps Boost Mobile to get behind the championship winning Factory Honda Team, acknowledged Team director Yarrive Konsky .

“Motorcycling Australia and the respective championship promoters are doing a great job. Coverage continues to increase and through social media and live streaming people all over the world can witness some of the best racing motocross and supercross has to offer, which helped us create a partnership with Boost Mobile”  said Konsky.

The Boost Mobile Honda Racing Team will see Kyle Webster and Jed Beaton compete on Boost Mobile Honda 450s in the Australian Motocross Championship. The teams Supercross line up will be announced later this season.  Konsky is proud of the new alignment.

“I have tried for many years to procure Boost Mobile. I remember them supporting riders back when I was still competing and I have watched them evolve into the brand they are today. They continue to align with some of the best motorsport athletes in the country and their faith in our ability to deliver results on and off the track is genuinely rewarding as we have been working very hard to achieve our successes,” said Konsky.

The sport is equally working in unison with teams and promoters to deliver real value and the industry has had a significant increase in sales and Konsky believes this is largely due to the increased popularity in the sport.

“Sales across motorcycles and accessories have soared as high as 40% over the past two years and I believe the continuity and frequency of the coverage being shown has helped. Social media has also contributed to the popularity and there is a real resurgence. We have a flourish of new young riders and people in their mid-twenties are coming back to ride and race. It’s great. Crowd attendances are also up and it’s a great time for Boost Mobile and others to get behind the sport,” concluded Konsky.

Both Kyle and Jed are pumped to have Boost Mobile involved as they both are very familiar with the brand.

“Boost have supported Australian Action Sports, Surfing, Motorsport including Supercross at various levels over the past 20 years, so to be connected to the brand is awesome. They are a cool brand who want to deliver results to their customers and it’s awesome that we now get to be a part of that, plus they are sending me one of their refurbished phones which is even better,” said Webster.

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