Since 1959 Honda has been the largest motorcycle manufacture as well as the world’s largest manufacture of internal combustion engines measured by volume, producing more than 14 MILLION internal combustion engines each year. Honda sits inside the top ten of automobile manufacturers worldwide.

On September 1st 1982 the Honda Racing Corporation was founded, its mission: the development, manufacture and sales of motorcycles and parts for racing. Since then HRC has become a byword for high-performance engineering, excellence and winning performance.

Since my inception in 2008 we have won or placed in 10 championships across three disciplines – Supercross, Motocross and Superbikes.
While the battle that is seen on the track between the riders – the gladiators of the sport – is our public face!

Behind them is a billion dollar manufacture and sponsorship war. Motorsport requires the mastery not only of the many technical disciplines but also the economics and politics that are critical to each team’s competitive position on and off the track.

I plan on keeping Honda and our partners at the top of racing in Australia. Strategic success is derived from experience.
“A complete process leads to a competitive product” – Yarrive Konsky