Mechanic: Aaron Clout
Turned Pro: 2014
Best Career Season Result:
• 1st in 2014 Australian Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship (250cc)
• 2019 Season Result: Runner-up Australian Supercross Championship (450cc)

Racing Accolades:
• Winner Australian 250cc Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship 2014
• Runner-up 250cc Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship 2015
• 3rd MX1 Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship 2018
• Runner-up 450cc Australian Supercross Championship 2019
• Runner-up 450cc Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship 2019

Lifestyle and General Interest Profile:
Nicknamed ‘Clouty’
Started racing at 5 years old
Enjoys Cycling, mountain bike riding and training with his mates

2018 Season Recap:
Luke came away with 3rd overall in the 450cc Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Champion-ship, taking several podium placings throughout the season. In the Australian Supercross Championship he took two podium finishes, finishing 6th overall.

2019 Season Recap:
After taking his first 450cc Motocross and Supercross podiums throughout both Champi-onships, Luke went on to take 2nd overall in the 450cc Motocross Nationals (Outdoor) Championship and 2nd overall in the Australian Supercross Championship, making 2019 one of Lukes best seasons yet.